Glycerophosphate acid is an organic compound formed by dehydration of glycerol and phosphoric acid. Its chemical formula is C3H9O6P and molecular weight is 172.08.

Glycerophosphate acid

CAS number: 57-03-4

English name: Glycerophophoric acid

Synonyms in English: glycol-3 phase; SN glycol-3 phase; PHOSPHATIDYLGLYCEROL; EGGPHOSPHATIDYLGLYCEROL; 2,3-hydroxy-1-copyldihydrogenphase; 1,2,3-Paranetriol, 1- (dihydrophenolChemicalbookphase); EGGPE; GLYCEROL-3P; Glycerol-3-P; CompoundC749

Chinese name: Glycerol phosphate ester

Chinese synonym: glycerophosphate; Phosphatidyl glycerol; Glycerol phosphate ester; Α- Glycerol phosphate; Phosphatidyl glyceride; Phosphatidyl glyceride; Glycerol phosphate 1G; Compound C749; 2,3-dihydroxypropyl phosphate dihydrogen salt; 2,3-dihydroxypropyl phosphate dihydrogen ester

Molecular formula: C3H9O6P

Molecular weight: 172.07

EINECS number: 200-307-1

Mol file: 57-03-4.mol

Glycerol phosphate properties

Melting point -25 ° C

Boiling point 485.5 ± 55.0 ° C (Predicted)

Density 1.738 ± 0.06g/cm3 (Predicted)

Storage conditions -20-0 ° C

Acidity coefficient (pKa) 1.84 ± 0Chemicalbook.10 (Predicted)

CAS Database 57-03-4

EPA Chemical Information 1,2,3-Propanethriol, 1- (dihydrogen phase) (57-03-4)

Application and synthesis method of glycerol phosphate ester


Glycerol phosphate, also known as phosphoglycerol, can be used to analyze skeletal muscles from vigorous exercise to before and after fatigue.

Synthesis method:

Take glycerol (0.5mol) in an ice bath, add POCl3 (0.6mol) and product A (based on the molar amount of pyrophosphate, product ChemicalbookA containing 1mmol of pyrophosphate) to glycerol, naturally recover to room temperature, stir for 6 hours, and then perform vacuum distillation to collect the glycerol phosphate ester fraction (80.62g, yield 93.7%). The structural confirmation data is consistent with known reports. Additionally, HPLC analysis shows that the glycerol phosphate ester is pure α Glycerol phosphate ester, free of β Type by-products.